Big fish in a big pond: Marine Research Hub ramps up global strategy for South Florida

Say South Florida and you may think sunshine and vacation. But the new Marine Research Hub wants people to think deeper than its beautiful beaches – hundreds of feet deeper.

Big Breakthroughs

“What we own in education research is the ocean,” says Howard Greenberg, Chairman of the Marine Research Hub of South Florida. “We lead the nation, even the world, in the research done right here in our own back yard by four world-class institutions. Ocean engineering. Coral reef research. Medicines from the seas. Sea level impact. Sharing our story on a national and world stage drives talent, funding, resources and jobs to our region.”

Big Business

The number of businesses directly benefitting from marine research is substantial. Bio-medicine, Biotechnology, Energy, Marine Engineering, Defense, Aquaculture, Marine Recreation, Environmental, to name a few.

Big Wins

The impact extends beyond specific industries. Research, talent, funding and companies that flowed into areas like North Carolina’s Research Triangle and Telecom Corridor in Dallas created enormous economic change for those regions. Much the same is happening in South Florida around marine and oceanographic research.

Big Minds

The Marine Research Hub consortium includes respected leaders from economic development, universities, research firms, marine industries, business sectors and philanthropic foundations to brand the area as a world-class marine research corridor and collaborator, enhancing ocean health and delivering critical benefits to the global population.

South Florida now derives $11.5 billion in economic impact and 136,000 jobs from our reefs and marine industry. “We’ve just splashed the surface of what’s possible,” said Bob Swindell, President/CEO Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance. “Our region has the expertise and track record to earn global respect – but it’s up to us to make sure everyone knows it.”

Big Ideas

The founding members of the Marine Research Hub are Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Nova Southeastern University, University of Miami, Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, Miami-Dade Beacon Council and Marine Industries Association of South Florida.

These organizations are leading the way for the global collaboration that will bring talent and businesses to South Florida and help our oceans sustain themselves and produce the food, energy and clean water our world will need for future generations.

Big Jobs

Join us to help accomplish our goals for the oceans and the planet. Call Ron Drew (954-627-0130) at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance and find out how you can join the team or donate to our efforts.

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